Membership Organizations

Membership organizations strive to provide tangible value and services to their members. JRG develops, implements and manages fully branded products and services that enhance the value you deliver to your members. Our goal is to help make your organization an indispensable part of your members' success.

Your organization will achieve membership growth and satisfaction through a comprehensive suite of products and services. Our approach begins with a survey of the membership community to identify needs and expectations. Our commitment is to support your organization from planning to marketing, from implementation to maintenance.

Programs We Serve:

Health Alliance for Nonprofits
Consolidated Builders Benefits Trust
Pennsylvania Builders Insurance Program
Pennsylvania Homecare Association
PTC Corporate Coverage Group
York County Garagemen's Association
Pittsburgh Business Group on Health

If you are interested in learning how to enhance your current membership benefits portfolio, contact Jessica Galardini, President and Chief Operating Officer of JRG Advisors, at 412-456-7231 or


Jim Ice

– Jim IceManaging Director, Owner, JIA/North Star Learning

I had the opportunity to leverage the services of JRG recently as I was searching for health insurance for my business. I found the team extremely knowledgeable, customer centered and invaluable to my selection process. Thank you for your support and guidance that continues through this confusing insurance landscape.

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