How can I monitor the site?

Any site can experience failures and errors. To find out about the failure before it becomes a serious problem and causes damage, you can timely monitor the processes.

This requires special tools, which we will talk about in this article. But before we go any further, we’d like to recommend a great service that you can use to check website outage.

It contains information on all the major resources, so if you need to, for example, check outage, you will have no problem doing it.

What is website monitoring, and why is it necessary?

Site monitoring is the process of continuously tracking a resource’s health, performance, functionality, and availability. Monitoring systems help identify problems when they occur or before negative consequences occur. In addition, monitoring can also alert you to potential dangers, allowing you to address them in a timely manner.

What is the difference between monitoring and auditing?

Many people confuse monitoring and auditing, which can lead to a misunderstanding of what needs to be done. They are really different things:

  1. Monitoring is the activity of overseeing the progress of a study, collecting data, and reporting results according to protocol and applicable requirements.
  2. An audit is a systematic and independent audit conducted to verify compliance with the occupation and the procedures for collecting, analyzing, and reporting data.

The differences are clear, right? By the way, here are some pretty good services that may be useful to you for monitoring.


Uptimerobot is a service that checks the availability of sites at intervals of 1-3 minutes. It is a great help in SERP promotion. You can monitor up to 100 sites from one registered account. If your site is not working, the program will let you know, which is a really handy and practical feature.



Siteuptime is where you can check only one site for free. But it is done very well even in the free version of this service. Availability is monitored from several different points that measure the resource’s response time. In Siteuptime you can request monthly reports – the results will come to your email.


AreMySitesUp supports five resource checks up to 25 times per day, reporting failures without limitation via text message or email. AreMySitesUp has many monitoring points, and page response time is noted. Protocols include HTTP, TCP, POP3, SMTP, SSL, FTP, DNS, Content, Ping, and HTTP Password Protection.


Internetseer is a service where you can request one free check per hour. This site is easy enough to use, so you’re unlikely to have any problems using it. While it is easy to use, it provides a wide range of services, from HTTP to SSL.


Montastic is an easy and efficient way to scan up to a hundred addresses from two different locations. Checks are performed every 5 min. The Montastic administration also notifies you about problems via RSS. These are just some of the utilities that allow you to do good monitoring.

You can use them, but we still recommend you check out – it’s a really cool service, and its administration keeps a very close eye on it. It does everything it can to make it work as well as possible.

Continuous monitoring is the best way to stay ahead of developing problems and ensure that problems don’t affect your customers.