Bluetooth technology

This technology was presented to a wide audience about 20 years ago. It replaced the infrared connection, which was unreliable and inconvenient. Since its introduction, the Bluetooth function has evolved continuously, and today it is found in most modern gadgets. How Bluetooth works This technology is based on data transmission using radio waves. The principle […]

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VoLTE technology

VoLTE (Voice over LTE) is a voice enhancement feature that allows users to conduct voice data over LTE during a phone call. The other party’s device does not necessarily have to support this feature. LTE networks increase the speed of the wireless data transfer between gadgets when moving to 4G.  VoLTE technology was first released […]

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Review of the Mesmerize programme

The modern world is stressful because people have constant conflicts at home, at work, or even at the geopolitical level that create great psychological pressure. And in order to cope with this without the need to use various drugs or other harmful substances, you should learn to meditate correctly. Many experts are sure that even […]

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