Training centers in Uzbekistan will be paid for hiring graduates by IT companies

Shavkat Mirziyoyev, Uzbek president, has recently signed a groundbreaking decree to promote training specialists in digital technologies. This initiative, as reported by the Ministry of Digitization, underscores the government’s commitment to support non-state educational organizations further actively involved in training IT specialists. With a vision for a technologically advanced future, the President initially announced many of these measures last year, and now they are being implemented more concretely and systematically.

One of the key provisions of the decree is the introduction of subsidies for training centers. Starting from March 1, these centers will receive significant financial support of up to 75 BRV (25.5 million UZS) for each IT graduate hired by an IT export company.

This strategic move aims to incentivize the hiring of skilled IT professionals and foster the growth of the country’s digital economy. Moreover, to promote inclusivity, if a person with a disability is hired, the subsidy amount will be increased to up to 105 BRV (35.7 million soums). These subsidies will be disbursed through the Digital Technology Development Fund, with the exact amount being determined based on specific criteria to be specified additionally.

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In addition to the support provided to training centers, the decree also addresses the reimbursement of costs for obtaining international IT certificates by young Uzbeks. Recognizing the value of international certifications in enhancing professional skills, the maximum reimbursement from the state budget will be increased to 60%. However, if an individual already holds an English certificate at the B2 level or above, the reimbursement will be 100%.

information technology training center
Information technology training center

This provision encourages and empowers young talents to pursue international certifications, positioning them as competitive players in the global digital landscape.

Furthermore, the President has recently issued another decree establishing the International Center of Digital Technologies, which will operate within the IT Park. This cutting-edge center, known as “Enterprise Uzbekistan,” will serve as a hub for technology companies and a dynamic platform for innovation. It will provide a conducive environment, including a “sandbox,” where technology companies can experiment, collaborate, and transform their ideas into reality, fostering a vibrant ecosystem for digital technologies in Uzbekistan.

These comprehensive measures, driven by the President’s vision, demonstrate the government’s unwavering commitment to advancing digitalization in Uzbekistan and promoting the development of a highly skilled and competitive workforce in digital technologies. By investing in the training of specialists, providing financial support, and creating an innovation hub, Uzbekistan is poised to become a thriving digital nation, harnessing the power of technology to drive economic growth and prosperity.