Was IT Genius Steve Jobs a Mystic?

It is commonly believed that outstanding scientists rely so much on their minds that they deny even the possibility of the existence of God, aliens, or some other mystical beings, beliefs, and concepts. However, people from the entourage of great scientists, inventors, and discoverers often say that this is not true. That is why it is interesting to learn more about the genius of the IT sphere, Steve Jobs.

Where Did Jobs Get His Ideas From

Steve Jobs is known to the world as one of the richest, most successful businessmen and a pioneer of the IT field. He is the founder of the world-famous Apple company, who laid the foundation for the development of computing technology with his firm hand. Jobs was often called the true messiah of the IT world in jeans because of his phenomenal intuition.

Although Jobs worked a lot with precise algorithms and modern technology, he also devoted a lot of time to everything mystical and unusual. Few people know that Jobs, as a Buddhist, saw the creation of AI or artificial intelligence as his task during the current reincarnation. And this is not the same artificial intelligence that already exists and is used in programs or devices today. Jobs’ dream was to develop artificial intelligence for high-tech robots that people could interact with on an intuitive level!

According to people who knew Jobs from his youth, he told many times about his personal contact with an alien mind, which shared with him ideas for creating and developing incredible IT inventions. However, no one believed him, and soon he stopped trying to let people know about the source of his ideas. Everyone remembered this interesting fact from his life only after Jobs quite unexpectedly fell ill and died. Many mystics noted that Jobs had gone too far in his knowledge, so the higher powers, whoever they were, decided to simply remove this person from the earthly plane.

This may sound surprising to the average person, so it’s best to get down to the facts instead of delving into mysticism.

Jobs and the End of the World

Steve Jobs had no doubts that the world would end soon. That is why, ten years before his death, he began to build the ark. He used one of the largest existing yachts as a basis, while all the technical insides in it were created from scratch by the best scientists. And although they do not share details, they say that many of the implemented developments simply have no analogs in the whole world.

According to scientists, the yacht or, to be more precise, the ark was designed in such a way as to endure any conditions without much difficulty, from long wanderings in the middle of the ocean to a long stay in ice captivity.It has everything including its own greenhouse to grow fruits and vegetables, a station to generate electricity, and much more.

Unfortunately, Steve Jobs did not live to see the completion of the yacht. The launch took place only a year after the death of this great man. The ark itself was inherited by Jobs’ children. No one still knows exactly what is on this yacht, since not a single journalist is allowed anywhere near it. The only known fact is that the construction cost over $200 million in total.

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All this means that despite his outstanding mind, Jobs was not a materialist and openly declared that he professed Buddhism. If you are also interested in mysticism, we recommend that you download the Necrophonic app free. The program uses sounds to help its users createa mystical atmosphere around them at the touch of a button. To get this Android app download it from one of the websites offering installation APK files for various mobile operating systems.