Review of the Mesmerize programme

The modern world is stressful because people have constant conflicts at home, at work, or even at the geopolitical level that create great psychological pressure. And in order to cope with this without the need to use various drugs or other harmful substances, you should learn to meditate correctly. Many experts are sure that even five minutes of meditation a day help prevent many potential problems. Because stress tends to accumulate and negatively affect the functioning of individual organs.

But to begin to meditate is not as easy as it seems to many. First, because there is a lot of contradictory information about this topic. Secondly, it requires discipline. Thirdly, in today’s busy world of people, it is often very difficult for us to find even five minutes to sit quietly and think about nothing. Then, you will definitely have a wonderful Mesmerize app to help solve this issue permanently.

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The essence of the Mesmerize app

Mesmerize is a programme that its developers created specifically to help people relax and clear their minds of unnecessary thoughts. To do this, they should start to regularly do a simple meditation that combines sound and visual effects. Such a complex impact and thoughtful meditations for different purposes allow to get impact and benefit experience, amazing in its power.

So, Mesmerize will help you:

  • to relieve the accumulated stress;
  • strengthen the level of self-consciousness;
  • reduce anxiety;
  • strengthen sleep;
  • to achieve maximum relaxation;
  • to reduce the level of pain;
  • strengthen Attention.

But you will surely find even more useful features of meditation, because scientists recommend that all people do it.


Unique features of the Mesmerize app

  1. The developers introduced a lot of interesting visual effects that literally hypnotize the user. In this case, the meditator is free to control the speed of special effects, using the same gesture that he uses to scale the image.
  2. There is also something similar to the advanced visual accompaniment that this app offers, as well as sound one, such as soothing psychoacoustic music. And this is not just some slow quiet music, but the result of the work of experts who conducted the corresponding theoretical research and clinical trials.
  3. Each meditation has a script that helps to achieve a certain goal.
  4. In addition to special music, special sound effects such as the noise of nature are used, such as ocean waves, wind rustling, rain, white noise or even echoes.
  5. Sleepy Stories is a feature that helps the user include special stories that will help calm down, relax and doze off.
  6. The visual respiration mode allows you to align the video series with the respiratory rhythm to reduce anxiety and anxiety.
  7. The audio merge feature helps a person connect any external sound with the Mesmerize music library.
  8. So that the meditation not only helped to plunge into sleep, but also did not interfere with the later hard sleep, the timer was created specifically for you.
  9. The settings of this programme help a person set the volume for music and voices separately from each other, getting their ratio perfect for each user.
  10. You can easily download meditation if you like to do it at any time even when you have the Internet disabled.
  11. The random play mode will help you choose meditation for someone who doesn’t know what he wants at the moment.
  12. This programme has no annoying advertising, does not ask you to buy anything, does not require you to create a new account and does not collect your confidential user information.

To find programmes and start download android apk files for different unique programmes, you should only go to the site of any good online directory with such programmes.